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CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three dimensional Interactive Application. It is a multi- platform CAD/CAM software suite written in C++ programming language. It is widely used CAD/CAM software and is considered as the most powerful and effective knowledge based software.

• It was created and developed by Dassault Systems (France), but IBM had the responsibility for its technical marketing.
• The applications of CATIA is wide ranging from industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Architecture to Consumer goods, Ship building, Electronics, Medical and Manufacturing.
• Since CATIA is PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software containing all the tools like:

CAD, CAM, CAE. Therefore, applications of CATIA training are found in all industries and companies.
• CATIA is used by NASA to design various space equipment.
• Through the systems engineering approach, CATIA can provide solutions to complex models and innovative product
It was the innovative mind and years of hard work by Francis Bernard that led to the birth of CATIA. CATIA gained the quantum leap in sales when IBM became its distributor.  The Brief time-line of CATIA Development is as follows:
1984 : Boeing becomes the largest customer of CATIA as it chose CATIA as its main 3D tool.
1990 : In order to design the US navy’s Virginia class submarine, General Dynamics Electric Boat corp. chose CATIS as one of its main tool.
1998 : Newer version of V5 was released which supported UNIX, Windows NT and Windows XP.
2008 : CATIA V6 was launched by Dassault, client support was dropped.
2011 : Newer version V6 R2012 was released by Dassault.
The statistics of the industry clearly reflects the job opportunities and the industry demands. It has been observed that:

• CATIA is used as the Global standard for the aircraft design as almost 80% of the aircraft companies use CATIA in designing the aircraft.
• 60% of the automotive companies implement the use of CATIA in designing the innovative components of the car.
• Around 60-70% of the helicopter/civilian/commercial plane companies use CATIA.
• It is used by designers, architects, manufacturing entities and industrial engineers, so the job opportunities are immense.

All these facts show that students who will join CATIA Training will have more stable and rewarding career.

CATIA being the standard software for designing finds applications in all the industries. Therefore there are abundant job opportunities for students who opt for CATIA Training to prove their credibility in the industry.
These are some proven strategies which can help students in successful completion of CATIA training. Some of the steps are mentioned below:

• Basic knowledge of computers is required.
• Good Knowledge base in Design and Modelling.
• Concepts related to aerodynamics should be clear and concise.
• For thermal analysis, the concepts of Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics should be clear.
• Good analytical skills in implementing the concepts practically can turn a beginner into a true expert professional.
CETPA the innovative “high end technology” training provider has the experience of training students with expertise knowledge in designing the product. CETPA is a training school having experience of over 12 years in providing training and excellent placement assistance to engineering students with multiple option of training facility across India like: Roorkee, Noida (NCR in Delhi area), Meerut, Lucknow and Dehradun. The comprehensive coverage of the topics is the reason behind its success. Important domains covered in CATIA training by the CETPA are:

• Aerodynamics
• Emphasis on automotive and aircraft design technology.
• 3D modelling.

Each of the above domains is covered with extensive focus on practical skills along with good attention from the expert trainers at each level of development. It is ensured that the students gain good knowledge in the application of the skills learned in designing. “Aerodynamics” is the important theme covered under CATIA training and students are given rigorous training to increase their skills and they are given in depth knowledge of the subject, and then student steps into 3D modelling to finally become a true professional. CETPA provides 4/6 Weeks or months CATIA training that moulds the student optimally.  Some features of CETPA which sets it apart are:

• Highly supportive trainers who are experts in the field.
• Labs are well equipped with Technological tools.
• Online classes to facilitate NRI and concerned students with virtual learning.
• Excellent interactions among the students regarding the subject.
• Hands-on learning is given more emphasis instead of theoretical learning.
• Highly structured course contents.

CETPA believes in quality training and thus provides friendly environment. Hence, CETPA is the best option for students to join CATIA training.
The top automotive or aircraft companies using CATIA are:
• Lock Heed Martin,
• Ferrari,
• Boeing,
• Lear Jet,
• Hyundai,

Some of the other companies like Ford, Toyota, Maruti, Allied signal, Porsche extensively use the applications of CATIA. There are 20000+ companies globally which implements the concepts of CATIA. When it comes to automotive manufacturing companies, 22 companies out of 30 companies use this software. It is considered as the Global Standard in automotive manufacturing and aircraft manufacturing.
CETPA has a dedicated placement team to help students get job placements in various IT job roles with major companies. After the training is over, we assist all its trainees to get jobs in various MNCs and industry leaders. In most cases, we absorb the trainees within CETPA, which therefore means that everyone is placed with a job as soon as the training period is over. We provide internship program to equip the trainee with industry scenario and environment exposure. The students of CETPA get good opportunities to prove themselves in the placements. Some of the reflections of the placement can be observed in the table mentioned below:

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CETPA trains student to be Industry ready in their industrial training course and this is reflected in our placements. Students willing to bag a good and exciting career can join CETPA for an exciting experience. For a countless number of placements from CETPA please Click Here.

    No.1 Catia Training in Noida
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    As we all know design is not just what it looks like , design is who it works catia is a type of software which is capable to complete software ,in cetpa very trand faculty are there which is give us a brife explaination about everything what we asked to them.

    5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

    Best Catia Training Company in Delhi NCR
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    As we all know design is not just what its looks like and feels like. design is how it works and CATIA is a type of CAD software which is capable of complete product development process. CATIA stands for computer aided three dimensional interactive application. it is developed by dassult systems .CATIA is widely used in the field of aerospace ,automobile, industrial machinery, electronics, shipbuilding and plant designing industries. as As I am mechanical engineering student l learned CATIA from CETPA Noida and I also advised you to join CETPA Noida for your CATIA training .it is one of the finest institute to learn this software . the trainer there are very intelligent and knowledgeable . they provides the fundamental as well as in depth approaches of the software . so in my point of view you should join CETPA for CATIA Training .

    5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

    6 Months Catia Training in Noida
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    Recently I completed my diploma in mechanical software( Autocad and Catia from Cetpa Infotech Pvt Ltd. It is a best institute to learn and apprehend the knowledge these guys mold the education to make it more substantial and acquit it with the participation, providing knowledge and dealing in various projects. I got knowledge regarding the atmosphere that I am to enter and I have successfully acquired a good job in designing field through the placement cell of Cetpa Infotech Pvt Ltd. I am very much thankful to the NOIDA Best institute to guide and push me in the right direction they were really an aid to me. I would say Cetpa Infotech PVT Ltd is the best institute to learn.

    5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

    Catia Training in Delhi
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    I joined cetpa for autocad and catia in 2016,one of the best institute for designing all over the NCR region. Faculty membres are very experienced, good behaving and supporting. I really enjoyed my coaching days and learned a lot of things from cetpa. One of the important thing is that you get a lot of chances for job interviews after cetpa certification. Guys if you are looking for designing then cetpa is best and even fee structure is too good in comparison to other institutes.

    5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

    Catia Training Institute in Noida
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    In my final year i joined the catia 3d course which was very usefull to me in academics projects and for further industry future. The staff teaching is very excellent and methods are practical.

    5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

    Catia Training in Noida
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    I am so lucky to get the chance to learn here, the faculty members are awesome.

    5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

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