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Hardware and Networking is the coordination and linking of hardware and network devices such as Cables, connectors, routers, switches, bridges, hubs within the organization to ensure smooth flow of information and data. It is basically used for data processing and includes all networking components such as peripherals and interface cards and all the tools for communication. 

Computer hardware professionals deal with maintenance of hardware components of the computer while after completing Networking training, students with deal in connecting 2 or more computers within the organization to share and multiply data and information. Supervising and designing the hardware installation and manufacturing is also an important task conducted by the professionals. Hardware and networking engineers basically looks after R&D of computer hardware and networks.
The Evolution of computer networking can be traced back to 1990s when explosive growth of internet took place. The timeline of hardware and networking will be sufficient to give a detailed view of the history. 

Apollo Guidance Computer was the first recognizable modern embedded system which was developed by Charles Stark Drapper at the MIT Instrumentation Library in around 1960s, which involved the use of transistors and had a hard disk for the main memory.
1960 : AT&T designs, the first commercial modem that is a “Dataphone”.
1970 : Ethernet method of Network Connection was designed by Robert Metcalfe.
1975 : The first commercial packet switching network called Telenet was born.
1990 : The World Wide Web was discovered by Tim Berners Lee after he discovered HTML.
1993 : The first web browser called Mosaic was born which had the feature of displaying graphic image.
India is the leading market and is at number one position in networking. So there is huge scope and demand for the budding networking professionals, to shower their skills. Skilled manpower is the need of the day, and is an attractive career option for students with flair of technology. So, if students want a bright and attractive career, they can think of joining Networking Training. The MAIT (Manufacturers Association for Information Technology) has predicted that the requirement for skilled professional would go up by 5 million by 2017. 

Networking is a mandatory feature and is a part of infrastructure of all MNCs, so it becomes quite evident that the concept of hardware and networking will be evergreen. So students should focus exclusively on gathering skills by joining Networking Training from a reputed institute to pursue a great career with lot of golden opportunities.
In order to be an expert and valuable networking professional one must follow the step by step method of learning. In Networking Training, students should firstly start learning the concepts of basic hardware like motherboard, RAM, Hard disk, SMPS in practical and in theory. Then knowledge about software particularly OS should be acquired so as to learn the coordination between software and hardware. 

After mastering the two levels, students can indulge into Client Server Architecture and TCP- IP suits (protocols on which networking works) that will help them to explore the pro level of networking. And finally the way to achieve coordination between all the networking devices such as Routers, switches, hubs and cables is learned and implemented to completely extract the benefits that the networking and hardware sector offers.
CETPA is the leader in “High end technologies”, with an excellent placement records coupled with efficient and highly co- operative trainers specialized in their fields providing hardware and Networking training in Lucknow, Dehradun, Meerut, Noida (Delhi-NCR) and Roorkee. It has the experience of training students for 12 years and is a brand name when it comes to training. Students should prefer CETPA “best training school” for Networking Training for long term or short term duration as it has certain proved features. Some of them can be listed as:
• It has authentic and restructured course materials regarding Networking Training to match the needs of current industry trends.
• Provides placement assistance in top notch MNCs which boosts the confidence of the individuals.
• It moulds the students in such a way that helps students to pursue CCNA, CCNP, CCIE courses with ease.
• Courses are taught by industry experts working in a professional environment and delivering projects.
• Online classes to benefit the NRI as well as Indian students with virtual learning of the technology.

The features and the certifications offered by CETPA provide credibility and stability to the resume of students which helps them to conquer the skies in the corporate technological world. CETPA offers 4/6 months Networking training at international level to benefit foreigner students from multiple countries across the world involved with hardware and networking learning.
Learning is tool which fetches a good return in the long run. So students should give due attention in upgrading the knowledge and skills on a regular basis. They can take help from forums in order to have intellectual discussions and can clear their concepts. Some forums which can yield good results for students are given below: These are few links to help students to manage their growth in this field of Networking Training. In addition students can refer good books for detailed information and can consult trainers for any query or doubt.
The business dynamics of a big organization or firm depends on how well the company is networked so hardware and networking forms an important component of a business, it is important for an organization to maintain flow of information and data across different levels. Its application can be found in almost all MNCs. But the companies specialized in this field are:
• Dell
• Cisco
• Juniper Networks
• Huawei etc. (to name a few).

These companies are market leaders and provide networking solutions to all other MNCs. Hence these companies promise an excellent career path and growth in terms of salary and roles within the organization. So, students should think of joining Networking Training.
CETPA has teamed up with leading placement companies to get qualified students placed in top MNCs. We have also made placement partnership with topmost companies where our engineering students will be placed on successful completion of courses. Vocational training is also offered to the students to equip them with more advance learning of the technology.

CETPA is a brand name and this is reflected in the placement record. CETPA has provided 100% placement to students enrolled for Hardware & Networking training. It has a focused placement wing which caters to the need of the student during placements. It has the experience of satisfying a large number of smiling faces with excellent career growth.

Some reflections of smiling faces are:

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