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ORACLE-DATA-GUARD training Oracle Data Guard is an extension to ORACLE RDBMS that ensures disaster recovery for enterprise data, high availability and data protection. The Data Guard supports both logical standby & physical standby sites. The Data Guard provides a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, monitor and manage one or more standby databases to enable production Oracle databases to survive disasters and data corruptions. For providing a high level of data protection and data availability, Data Guard can be used with traditional backup, restoration, and cluster techniques.

CETPA INFOTECH is the exclusive training partner of Oracle. Hence it provides training in association with Oracle, the course structure of the training is structured according to the Oracle standards.
Oracle Data Guard Training holds a promising future for the individuals. The career scope of this technology is diverse, offering various good profiles such as that of Data Analyst, Security Based Developer, Security Manager, and Security Administrator. The Industry scope and applications of the Oracle Data Guard range from Industries related to maintenance of data to Industry providing data security to applications. Its applications can also be found in companies with newly manufactured databases.
CETPA is full-fledged leader in specialized technology training. It has expertise in Oracle Data Guard training with the backup of eminent experts. It gives emphasis on Client Side functionality and server (listener) side functionality. It also trains students on Backup, recovery and security administration as well as operating system administration (Linux and Solaris).

Moreover, CETPA with its industry Oriented Infrastructure and Modern facilities, facilitate an effective learning environment. Students get access to specialized query sessions to clear their doubts and acquire in depth knowledge on the technology. CETPA believes in quality training. Hence, CETPA is the best option for Oracle Data Guard training for Indians as well as NRI students from diverse countries to get training up to the standards of international level.
Students should have previous knowledge on the topics as mentioned under.
  • Network administration
  • SQL commands
  • Data Dictionary
  • GUI Interface of Enterprise Edition (Data Control)
The learning resources or few links that will yield students with basic understanding of the concept before joining any Oracle Data Guard Training are:

    Best Oracle Data Guard Training in Noida
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    I wanted to learn oracle data guard.as i found this software interesting when I studied about it in my college days my interest for the same made me join this course in Cetpa. Cetpa made me learn and develop my skills in the really well and helped me a lot in all the possible ways ways.

    5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

    Oracle Data Guard Training in Noida
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    CETPA provides best Oracle Dataguard Training. The course content is well structured as well as updated according to industry criteria. All the concepts were taken up in detail and explained at length. Trainers are very supportive and cooperative. It was a great experience.

    5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

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