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Red Hat Enterprise Linux earlier known as Red Hat Linux is a ‘Linux based’ operating system software developed by American Multinational Software Company, Red Hat Inc.

RHEL was a commercial venture of Red Hat Inc. and a commercially supported derivative of Fedora (Operating system). This was done to meet the requirements of the enterprise customers.

Red Hat Inc also sponsors fedora (an OS) as a community project. Red Hat freely provides its source code, but to restrict free redistribution of different versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the company uses strict trademarks.

The benefits of using Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system software are:
  • It helps in running higher workloads (increasing performance and capacity) that drives the company’s business.
  • It helps to increase performance and get reliability at lower costs.
  • In order to maintain and meet business needs, agility and flexibility is increased.
  • Better ROI.
  • Helps in maintaining stability and innovating the demands of business.
The appearance of Red Hat Linux was first traced around 1995. It was available online in 1997 in the form of CD boxes. It became the best option for scientists and visionaries at that time.
The brief developments in timeline will give a better view:
  • 1997: Introduction of First commercial support for Red Hat Linux 5.
  • 1998: Red Hat Secure Server was introduced and Fermi lab, core utils and apps supported on Red Hat Linux.
  • 1999: Red Hat Linux version 6.0 launched.
  • 2000: Training in Red Hat Certificate Engineer (RHCE) introduced globally and version 7 of Red Hat introduced.
  • 2002: Red Hat Linux version 7.3 and 8.0 launched.
  • 2005: Deployment of Red Hat Linux by US department of defense for high performance.
  • I2006: Integrated virtualization was introduced by Red Hat.
  • 2012: Extension of Product life Cycle of Red hat Linux 5 and 6 from 7 to 10 years.

The Timeline given above explains about the developmental path taken by Red Hat Linux.
In this globalised world of changing industry demands loaded with heavy targets and challenges, the business corporations are relying on the leader to meet their demands.

The subscriptions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux by different corporations had reached to 2.5 million users by 2011 as the use of Red Hat enterprise Linux software ranges from private to public sectors. These statistics reflects the need of Certified Red Hat Professionals.

The professionals can delve into various career options like:
  • System administrator and Network engineer
  • Desktop Application management
  • Web development and deployment
  • Technical support engineer
Hence getting trained in Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers great opportunities to reach higher levels of growth and development in IT field .
There are certain steps to follow in order to learn the Red Hat Technology:
  • Firstly graphical interaction in various disciplines like user management, disk management, process management and firewall management with the help of command lines.
  • Secondly the process is getting started with BASH (It is a shell of Linux on which commands are performed).
  • After that the basic commands of Red Hat Linux is learned.
  • Network connectivity between Red Hat Enabled PC is done.
  • Then the learning of server administration is done.
  • Finally security in all disciplines is ensured by learning different modules of Red Hat.
The students should focus on both the techniques so that they develop good command over the technology. In the case of “Off page” the students should learn to increase the visibility of the site and devise methods to boost the rankings. In case of “On Page” technique students learns the basic techniques of updating or changing the titles/pictures on the live website.
CETPA has the vast experience of providing quality training in “high end technologies”. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and hence maintains its training quality according to international standards. Students get trained from expert trainers who have proved their credibility in the industry.

Rigorous knowledge and practical exposure in all frameworks of Red Hat like graphical interaction in disciplines like user management, disk management, process management and troubleshooting are given to students in a very strategic and detailed manner. In addition the company has certain worth mentioning features:
  • Specialized training in creating DHCP (Dynamic host Control protocol) server is provided by the company.
  • Restructured course content exhibit smart learning and ensures successful completion of the course.
  • Intellectual learning environment due to positive and intellectual discussions with the experts and peer group.
  • Placement assistance in top MNCs.
Linux is an important tool for the corporate environments as a desktop platform. It is used on the servers in the businesses with commercially available software such as red hat Linux. The lists of top corporates implementing the use of linux are:
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Wikipedia
  • IBM

Some of the eminent scientific institutions using Linux are:
  • NASA
  • CERN
World’s best and the biggest companies use Linux directly or indirectly. So the best job opportunities can be explored by getting trained in this technology.
CETPA has a reputation in the market due to its quality training and ISO 9001:2008 certifications so this ensures excellent network of companies and corporates which provides employment opportunities to all skilled and trained students. It has a dedicated and well networked placement and consultancy wing which ensures excellent job opportunities to students according to their skills and profile.

Further due to enhanced technical and behavioral skills, the CETPA students are preferred by the MNCs. Since CETPA facilitates practical project work after the training, the students gain practical experience which helps them in placements.

The company has superb placement track record for the last 12 years. It ensures to train students to be industry ready. The placement offered to students is on full time basis and across diverse technologies. Please visit the link for more information on placements.
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