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Electronic Hardware consists of interconnected electronic components such as resistances, fuses, capacitor, inductive components, oscillators which performs analog and logic operations. It performs these operations on received and locally stored information to produce output or to provide control for output actuator systems.

Electronic components can range from distributed information processing systems to individual chip circuits. If the electronic component is well designed, it may contain hierarchies of function modules which intercommunicate via defined interfaces.
One of the earliest used electronic components was the Vacuum tubes. They dominated the electronic industry till 1980s. After that certain developments took place and prominent use of hardware components such as capacitors, resistors, inductive components, oscillators came into being.

Still vacuum tubes are used in specialist applications such as High Power RF amplifiers, cathode ray tubes, specialist audio equipment, etc.
The brief timeline of developments in semiconductors are:
  • 1947: Invention of transistor at Bell Laboratories by a team of William Shockley, John Bardeen.
  • 1955: Application of photolithography by Bell Laboratories was done for printed circuit boards.
  • 1961: Dedicated Semiconductor Test Equipment appeared in the commercial market.
  • 1965: Gordon Moore devises Moore’s law, which drives technology innovation across industry.
  • 1994: Standardization took place and transition from 200mm to 300mm wafers.
  • 2002: Worldwide semiconductor reaches $21 billion, exceeding the market for the time.
The semiconductor electronics thrives on 3 ideologies: smaller, faster, and cheaper. As a result, the hardware professionals or the chip makers have the challenge to come up with something cheaper, smaller and powerful, to meet the rapid technological demands. Hence there is a need for highly skilled engineering students and professionals who can implement the innovative concepts.

Huge amount of investment is splurged on R&D, to generate more ideas of chip innovation. The semiconductor industry offers tremendous growth and job opportunities. A beginner can start with Hardware electronics engineer and then getting promoted to senior hardware engineer and then rise to chief hardware engineer. There is lot of career growth, therefore the students must acquire the necessary skills to launch their career in the industry.
For an electronics engineer learning the hardware electronics can be easy if they follow certain proven steps:
  • The basic concepts of physics or basic electronics such as voltage, current, power etc must be crystal clear.
  • Knowledge about the materials such as copper, gold and aluminium can help the students in implementing the concepts.
  • The basic component of electronics is divided into active and passive components which are studied thoroughly.
  • After that the practical exposure of the electronic component is taken through live projects and developed labs.
  • Self research on the material and design of the electrical components can help to understand the hardware better.
CETPA is a training powerhouse offering training on varied IT Technologies and is the market leader in “high end technology” training. CETPA is the training school offering highly supportive trainers, who makes learning the certifications easy and having training branch active in different cities of India like: Roorkee, Noida, Meerut, Dehradun and Lucknow. Hence it becomes a great opportunity for students to join the summer training or internship programs for 4/6 weeks in electronics hardware as it will nurture and make the student highly skilled. The company focuses on two important domains. They are:
  • Emphasis on capacitors, resistors, oscillators, fuses gives excellent exposure.
  • Switches and Relays.
The company has the experience of training the students for over 12 years in this technology, so students should rely on the experts. Further it has certain added advantages as compared to other companies.
  • Specialized in localized classes to enable students attend the lectures through an interactive session.
  • We provide Online Training in two flavours of virtual sessions, 'one-to-one' or 'one-to–many' delivery models designed to benefit the foreigners as well as Indian students through virtual learning.
  • We are bringing the latest certifications that are in demand in the industry.
  • Prepare trainee for academic as well as professional success.
  • Learning from qualified instructors.
  • Workshop to aid trainee get exposed to real-life projects.
There is nothing as rewarding as the education and the knowledge of an individual, so students should think about gathering quality knowledge. So they must think of CETPA for 6 months industrial training as they will get the required environment for learning and help them to achieve success. Short term course offered benefits the working employees of Delhi-NCR with the learning of advanced electronic hardware to sharpen up their knowledge and skill.
Learning the language can be interesting if a student follows the links given below. These links give good discussion platforms to exchange thoughts and knowledge on the web. Moreover, students should focus on the basics and then discuss in the forums to ensure effective discussion:
Semiconductor Industry has risen to $21 billion dollar Industry. USA dominates the current semiconductor industry. The top US companies which employs the use of semiconductor on a very large scale can be listed as:
  • Intel corporation
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Qualcomm
  • Texas Electronics
  • Micron Technology
  • Toshiba Semiconductors and many more....
CETPA offers the best learning of technology at international level to the trainee from diverse countries including India and NRI students of Bangladesh, Nigeria, USA, Bhutan, Nepal and many more.
CETPA is the preferred option for the students as it is the leader in offering placement to the students. It has a dedicated placement wing with eminent counsellors which provide good network of companies such as:
  • SONY
  • Kites Techno world
  • Next G Exuberant etc (to name a few...)
Since CETPA facilitates effective project guidance after the training, the students gain practical experience which helps them in placements. After completion of regular training, trainee can involve with vocational training as it equip students with more advance learning of technology that will benefit them with job opportunity offering more attractive salary and also assist working employees with salary hike.

Further due to enhanced technical and behavioural skills, CETPA students are preferred by the MNCs. Since CETPA facilitates the schedule of project work after the training, the students gain practical experience which helps them in placements. For detailed placements, please visit the link given below: http://cetpainfotech.com/placementdetails.aspx

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