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UNIX is a computer operating system that performs multitasking and multiuser operations. The UNIX operating System was developed by AT&T labs. It was the brainchild of Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. UNIX systems follow a “UNIX Philosophy” which means that the OS consists of a set of tools that performs simple, limited and well defined function.  The main features of UNIX operating system are:

• It uses hierarchical directory structure which supports organization files and helps in managing the company.
• It consists of large number of support tools such as debuggers and compilers, and tools for web development.
• It is a multi-user operating system, i.e. more than one user can use machine at a time.
• It is also a multi-tasking operating system i.e. more than one work can be done at a time.
• It follows the features of portability.
The birth of UNIX system can be traced back to 1969 when the brainchild of Dennis Ritchie in AT&T labs led to the creation of the new Operating System. The brief time line of UNIX OS:
1969 : The beginning of UNIX OS took place.
1971-1979 : Different Editions of UNIX was developed and upgraded.
1980 : Xenix was introduced by Microsoft.
1982 : System III was released by AT&T UNIX System Group. It was the first public Release outside bell laboratories.
1989 : Release of 4 ships, Xenix and BSD was done by UNIX System V, which installed a base of 1.2 million.
1991 : In 1991, UNIX Operating system becomes a company which was owned by AT&T laboratories.
1999 : Linux 2.2 kernel was released. Joint development of the revision of POSIX and single UNIX specification was done by IEEE and Open Source.
2001 : Single UNIX Specification, version 3 was released.
2003 : Single UNIX Specification was approved as International standard.
2003 : Apple Mac OS X certified to UNIX 3.
2010 : UNIX was promoted to desktop, Apple repots 50 million UNIX certified Desktop Systems.
The competition of the technological world has led to the integration of the computer platforms and the business needs. So this phenomenon marks the need of manpower having expertise in UNIX Training for every season of technology.

The pay package offered in this industry is also quite attractive, with many professionals drawing a median salary of more than a million rupees, provided that the candidate should be worthy.

This industry offers alternative careers to the professionals as well. For e.g., if the professional is interested in creating Data networks then Computer Network Architect could be a promising option. Network architects can explore what are the technological communication tools required and suggest optimum ways of connecting LANs and intranet. They are also responsible for designing cable equipment and make technological recommendations.

Another option is of Database Administrators. In this the professionals have the responsibility of designing and building databases and protect crucial and vital information of the company. Hence the career scope is wide with attractive pay package and growth, so students should ensure joining the UNIX Training which will turn them into expert professionals.
Learning UNIX can be interesting and easy if certain steps are followed:
• Learn the Basics of UNIX.
• Go beyond the basics i.e. learn more about the technical details.
• Learn about the shell and shell-language programming.
• Concepts about DNS and BIND is properly covered and learned.
• Try to learn networking and become a mail master.
• Learn about the UNIX system performance tuning.
• Learn C programming language on UNIX and also learn how to make ports between UNIX systems.

Besides, students can prefer books such as:
• UNIX System Administration Handbook.
 Life with UNIX: A guide to everyone.

These are some proven methods which can help students to shine in their field and promote themselves to greater heights.
CETPA is skilled in providing opportunity for engineering students to fetch great placement offers. The trainers of UNIX Training in CETPA helps students in gaining Practical and Industrial knowledge about the topic in detail.

CETPA is one of the leading IT training platform in Meerut, Roorkee, Noida (Delhi-NCR), Dehradun and Lucknow providing UNIX Training to Indian as well as foreigner students from different locations or countries of the world. Well experienced trainers help the students to think innovatively and apply their learnt concepts in systems to build confidence. Hence, it becomes a great opportunity for students to join the UNIX training programs for 4/6 weeks or 6 months for advancing their career. 

Further, boon of enrolling for CETPA’s UNIX training as compared to other companies are:

• No.1 training company with dedicated trainers and professionals.
• Industry interactions with the leaders give boost in the students’ career.
• Restructured and revised course certification material.
• The entire team of trainer helps the students to clear their doubts and provides them with innovative solutions.
• Dedicated Placement wing gives great opportunities in top MNCs.
• Live virtual online training classes: To benefit NRI students and students having travel-related hassles.

Whether it is six months vocational UNIX training at CETPA or short term course, its main focus is to equip the students and trainee or working professionals with technical proficiency and best quality of training every time.
Familiarizing oneself with UNIX file system can be very important and crucial, so students must visit the link given to explore additional knowledge of Unix Training:
The use of UNIX is done by eminent companies which have proved their credibility in the field of technology. Some of the names of top companies employing the use of UNIX are:

• Google
• Yahoo
• Disney
• Dish Network
• Amazon

In addition to all of these, UNIX OS is used by 85% of the top 100 supercomputers of the world.  Hence it is used on a very wide scale. These top notch companies give opportunities to students having specialization in UNIX Training.
CETPA has a reputation of providing the best placement opportunities to its students in top companies like
  • Sony
  • Fiserv
  • Daffodils
  • True chip solutions
  • EA sports (to name a few...)

It is blessed with well networked placement and consultancy wing which has good tie ups with various reputed companies who come to CETPA for recruitment. We have provided a platform where skilled candidates and reputed organizations meet. The

Further in CETPA, students are given specialized technical and behavioral skills which become an asset for the MNCs.

company gives the students the value for money and develops their career optimally. In addition, it gives students the exposure required for a global career. Please visit the link for detailed list of placements offered by CETPA.
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